Welcome to the Boundary Lane Colony School Website

At Boundary Lane Colony School we have 13 students and 3 staff members.  Even though we are a very small group, we consider ourselves a happy family!! The parents in the community are super generous and show endless support to their students, and of course to the staff too! The inviting atmosphere always makes everyone feel welcome.

About Boundary Lane Colony School

We have a cozy school with grades 6, 9, 10 and 11  in one room and 1 to 4 in another. In our third classroom we have three Pre-K students, which is also the German school classroom. Our principal/teacher Mrs. Ceri Johnson, all of her dedication and hard work for this school is greatly appreciated! Our library is loaded with great literature, chosen wisely by our wonderful Librarian.

Our school is very unique just as any Colony School is. Our students speak German as their first language. They attend German school in the morning before they come to English school. The Hutterian culture is warm and inviting; it is not a surprise when one of the students brings us sweets or baking.